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Buying a cheap fridge is something many people strive to do when the need arises. If your old fridge is losing its effectiveness, looks out of place after you’ve redecorated or it’s simply time to replace it, then you should have a good look around to see what is available for your budget. Let’s face it, buying a fridge is not something you want to do regularly as they do dig into your savings but cheap fridges are available on our website so you can find one that suits the look and budget you’re aiming for.

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Whether you opt for a fridge-freezer or a stand-alone fridge, there are many different types, shapes and sizes to choose from, even including mini fridges. There is a high importance for the energy efficiency rating of a fridge nowadays, and we have a fantastic array of cheap fridges for you to choose from that are both economical, cheap to buy and have heavy-duty hinges, as well as being safe for the environment. As electricity prices are always on the up, buying an efficient fridge is vital so you can save some money on your utility bills. As your fridge is constantly plugged in and stocked with food, the fridge needs to be able to control the temperature without sapping so much electricity. That’s why, if you buy cheap fridges that aren’t as economical or efficient then they could end up costing you more in the long run with higher running costs.

When it comes to buying cheap fridges, you need one that runs as efficiently as possible to save money and to minimise your carbon footprint as well as long that looks good in your kitchen. Take a look around our site for the best cheap fridges that are available today.

What to Look for When Buying Cheap Fridges?

Cheap and cheerfull fridges

As you won’t want to be buying a new fridge year on year, it’s important to buy a high quality but low cost fridge. It’s a large amount of money to shell out, even for the cheapest ones, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you set a budget for a cheap fridge and stick to it. If you find that there is a more efficient and greener fridge that is a little more expensive, think about the running costs and your electricity bill before buying as you could end up saving more money if you spend a little more on the outright purchase of a fridge.

Your fridge is not just somewhere to keep your food. You need to control the temperature of your food and drinks so that they don’t become contaminated or allow bacteria to grow. Staying safe is very important and that’s why you need a good quality fridge that has good seals as well as maintains its temperature well. If you scrimp on the cheapest fridge then it might not have as good as seals as one that is a few pounds more, so bear this in mind when you’re buying a cheap fridge.

Don’t forget to measure the fridge that you intend on buying. Measure your worktops and space in your kitchen so you have plenty of room. You don’t want to have to return your cheap fridge if it’s too wide to fit in the gap left by the old fridge. Make allowances and make sure there is sufficient gap at the back of the fridge so it can ‘breathe’. The rear of the fridge heats up as the motor runs and if there isn’t enough space to let the warm air float away. With the measurements in mind, remember that you don’t really want to have to buy another fridge for a few years yet, so try and buy the biggest possible. If you buy a fridge that is too small, then you run the risk of needing to upgrade at a later date. Larger fridges usually have more powerful motors that can control the temperature well, rather than smaller fridges with smaller motors need to run at full speed at day and night. This again will have an effect on your electricity bill so bear that in mind when you’re buying cheap fridges.

As you will already know, buying cheap fridges usually means that they will be white. You can however find a good array of cheap fridges that are different colours, or if your kitchen allows, you could cover the door so it fits with the rest of the kitchen’s cabinets. Fridge-freezers are common as many people do not have the space to have two separate appliances. This is great for combining the space of two units but it also has an effect on the cost. If you’re looking for cheap fridges, then the possibility of buying a fridge-freezer might make it cheap than buying two units – but weigh up your options and available space before doing so.

Usually cheap fridges do not have a great deal of features available whereas more high-end, luxury ones will have built-in ice machines, defrosters, salad crispers and drink dispensers. Now that those functions and features have been around for a while, even cheap fridges sometimes have these available now so it’s a good idea to set an expectation for your budget whether you want these items included on your fridge as you might need to up your budget slightly.

When it comes to budget or cheap fridges, take a look around our site and choose the best one for your needs, the look of your kitchen and your budget.