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cheap beer fridges

Having the opportunity to hang out with friends and being able to have cold beer available at all times was always a dream of mine as a young lad, so I looked into cheap beer fridges and since income is tight in these prudent times, I was excited by all the different ones that are out there and being able to find one within my price range that would meet all my wants was something that was easy to do thanks to a little help from the internet and a simple search.

The truth is not only does the beer fridge work for my needs but I can even get  cheap beer fridges that can match decor or even show on the outside what lager it is that I love most. Mine even has cool neon lights inside that open like a regular refrigerator when I open the door, though this might be a little over the top for your own tastes. It has shelves within it as well; two of them, where it holds 40 cans of beer and keeps them nice and cold all the time.

One of my favorite features about my beer fridge is that it fits just about anywhere that I want it too! Since we have a cool shop where our friends can come and hang out with us and where we can all shoot some pool and play some darts, I wanted something that would hold a lot of beer all the time and that would fit in a small area that we had set aside. With beer fridges, we were able to get rid of the old big fridge that was going to die anyways and with this new one; we are even saving on the electric bill. Its way cheaper to run one of these beer fridges than it was to run the big one. So, not only did I get my fridge at a low cost, but it also has saved us cash in the long run to have a good time!

Let’s also face the fact that when you have placed one of these cheap beer fridges in your home, it frees up a lot of space in your regular fridge for food which means more fun for all who come to play. There’s nothing worse than a refrigerator where everything you want or need doesn’t fit because of the beer and leaving the beer in a cooler where it will eventually be floating in water isn’t cool nor is leaving it out so that it stays warm. Now mine is cold all the time and it looks cool while freeing up loads of space in my house fridge but also putting it somewhere that is fully accessible and blends in with the rest of my home easily when I bring it in from the shop.

For me, my cheap beer fridge was the best purchase ever and has been not only convenient for myself and friends but also with saving time and money on bills and beer that took up too much room in a regular frig or stacked in boxes in my garage! Now it’s always on display and with the glass front door I always know how much I have and if I need to get more! So, if you have been thinking about looking into beer fridges, take my word for it; it’s worth it!