Mini Fridges: From College and Beyond

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The cheap mini fridge: it is the best friend of the dorm room, the savior of the workplace lunch and an overall classic appliance that has many uses beyond its traditional role. Mini fridges are a simple device that provide the essential element of cold temperature needed for proper food storage. They also allow for portability that is obviously impossible with the normal bulky fridge. Mini fridges also use a fraction of the electricity required to run a full sized fridge and many other kitchen electronics. Now that we have some basic info about mini fridges, we can delve into them in more detail below, or you can take a look at our handpicked range of mini marvels below…

Many people think that a mini fridge cools its thermally insulated interior by cooling it. This is a common misconception though. Mini fridges actually use a mechanical, electronic or chemical heat pump to transfer heat from the inside of the fridge out to the external environment. This causes the interior to cool to temperatures that are suitable for food and beverage storage. This cooler temperature is usually thirty seven to forty two degrees Fahrenheit, which is a few degrees above the freezing temperature of water. This temperature decreases or even stops the reproduction rate of bacteria leading to food that can be stored for much longer than possible without the fridge.

The uses of mini fridges are varied and many. They can be used in your office space to keep your lunch or favorite beverage cool without having to worry about coworkers stealing it. They can be used in a dorm room to keep the inevitably large amount of beer kept there cold and ready to drink as well as provide a storage area for snacks and junk food for those times when your food plan doesn’t cut it. Mini fridges can be taken on camp outs and used with a generator or even solar panel if food storage is an absolute necessity. They can give you a place to put an excess of food just in case you buy too much to fit in your large refrigerator. They can be used to give a teacher’s lounge a nice place to hide that afternoon drink away from the students. They can be used in scientific laboratories to keep specimens cold and maintain certain temperatures on experiments. They can similarly be used for short term storage of medicines and tissues in a medical setting. Overall they have countless uses for anything that calls for storage of items at cold temperatures.

When buying a mini fridge there are a few factors to consider: How big do you want your mini fridge to be? There are several sizes ranging from 2 to 6 cubic feet with varying widths. How much are you looking to spend? There are many cheap mini fridges and even more that are on the expensive end. You also need to know if you are looking for a temperature range that can store food and beverages, which most mini fridges have, or if you need it to be a bit colder for medical or chemical storage. Both can be found online or in stores. No matter what you plan to use your mini fridge for, there is one out there fitted to suit your specific needs.