Compact Mini Fridge 17 litre

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17 litre Compact Mini Fridge

The 17 litre Compact Mini Fridge is a great appliance which hardly takes up any room and is the perfect choice for an office, dorm room or garage. It can hold a number of beverages, sandwiches or other items and there is a lot more room inside the fridge than it first appears. The unit is incredibly quiet, and it can hardly be heard. I first purchased a 17 litre compact mini fridge for my home office and i have to admit I was so impressed by its size, power and silent operation that I bought another one for my son before he went away to college.

The fridge is perfect for areas that only have a small amount of room coming in at a mere 42 x 38.5 x 35 cm and the entire unit only weighs 8 kg. It can easily be located on top of a counter or beside the bed. It is a small unit, but it has all of the room that is needed to store lunch, dinner and a few beverages. The fridge can keep a number of items chilled and it is highly efficient as it hardly requires any electricity, and most owners do not even notice a change in their bill.

I was most impressed by the silent operation of this product. It is extremely quiet, and it can barely be heard in most circumstances though there is a slight humming noise that comes from the model, but this can only be heard when the flat is entirely empty. At other times, the unit is so quiet that it blends right into the background. This is one of the features that I enjoy the most about my unit. I have seen other products that make a ton of noise, and they have to be put in the next room just to concentrate where as my unit is perfect for the office and does not interfere with my regular work.

The 17 litre compact mini fridge and is incredibly spacious and the unit has a shelf on the right side of the interior that is perfect for larger items. The bar adjusts to multiple sizes and is the right size for holding a carton of milk. The exterior is aesthetically finished and ensures the unit will be at home in any type of setting with the entire unit is finished in a sleek black that is easy to keep clean. The LED light on the door illuminates the interior and is ideal for a midnight snack.

I own a 17 litre compact mini fridge and have been glad that I bought the item. The product looks sharp and is sure to blend in with the decor of even the finest home. The sleek black finish is easy to clean and ensures the model will blend in. Even though the appliance is small enough to sit on the counter, it provides plenty of room to hold snacks and beverages and the machine operates so quietly that it can hardly be heard. For this reason, I have one installed in my office so that I can concentrate on work and have access to cold beverages or snacks. I would gladly recommend this unit to anyone who wants a small fridge for a dorm room or garage, or even as a second fridge for their home.