The Ice King 47 Litre Table Top Fridge

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ICE KING 47 Litre Table Top Fridge

The Ice King is a small refrigerator that can be placed on any table top surface. Weighing only 15 kilograms, the fridge can easily be moved without very much strength, if needed and typically, many customers choose to place the Ice King 47 Litre Table Top Fridge in bedrooms, offices, or at the top floor of two-story homes. With enough room to fit drinks, snacks, wine, and milk, this fridge is an ideal choice for those who need a small, second refrigerator within their home.

When looking to buy a small refrigerator, the ICE KING 47 Litre Table Top Fridge is an excellent choice. Guaranteed to keep your goods cold and ready when you need them, the fridge is an excellent value for the money. Many mini fridges can be loud and noisy and when kept in bedrooms, this can especially be a problem because it could keep you from falling asleep. The ICE KING 47 Litre Table Top Fridge does not produce much noise, but occasionally makes low gurgling noises, as most fridges do when running or changing their temperature. If typical fridge noises are not an issue for you, this is an excellent product choice.

This is a fridge only and while there is an icebox, it does not freeze ice or any other frozen goods. It is recommended to only place items that should be kept cold in the mini fridge. This is also an excellent product to use in apartments and college digs where you only need a small amount of space to keep goods cool. An Ice King table top fridge makes an excellent gift for your children and other relatives who have been looking for a reliable and small refrigerator for their needs.

Priced at just £108.60, this is a very affordable fridge for all budgets. There are not many mini fridges that can be found at a much lower price point. While this is available at an excellent value, it is also a very reliable and high quality product. When purchasing this table top fridge, there is no need to worry about receiving a product that does not perform up to your standards.

The Ice King brand is also very well-known for their high quality fridge and freezer products. If you are satisfied with your 47 litre table top fridge, you may want to consider purchasing a full size Ice King fridge or freezer as well. Pricing starts at just £59.99 for small mini fridges from this manufacturer and go up to £150.00 for larger fridges and freezers.

Overall, if you are simply in need of a small, portable mini fridge that will keep your food and drinks cold, this 4 litre table top fridge is an ideal choice. If you are unhappy with your purchase, Ice King does accept returns, an excellent option to have in the event that there is a problem with the product, a part is missing, or it is not what you expected it to be.