Cheap Fridges Under £100

cheap fridges under £100

Many people find it a challenge when it comes to replacing fridges for under £100, especially during the hot season, you may be able to find a brand new replacement however second-hand or used ones may also prove to be difficult to find too. Of course you will want to make sure that these more affordable options can still perform both now and for many a year to come. All is not lost however, as there are a number of online retailers offering discounts and various promotions and it’s quite possible to find different types of fridges under 100 with just a little research. Though of course if you’re in a hurry we have put together below a list of some of the best cheap fridges under £100 around, all of which come from big name manufactures that you can trust…

When it comes to kitchen or bedroom must haves, a mini fridge may be on the top of every households list, whether you simply want to have a cold drink available at all times, preserve food or store left over’s, refrigerators play an important part in our lives and more and more people are opting for a second fridge in their homes. Whether you are looking for a fridge-freezer, a larder fridge, an upright unit or counter top unit, a mini fridge or simply somewhere to store your drinks, there are affordable fridges under £100 that you can easily find online. And of course manufacturers of these units are all big names like Samsung, Lec, Whirlpool, Curry’s Essentials, Igenix, Frigidaire and Logik. Depending on the size of the unit in question, the price of these refrigerators may start from as little as £19 though we would suggest you go for a model that will match your storage needs.

An alternative angle to explore is if you own a damaged or unwanted model then you may wish to take a look in your local “ad mag” which allow swapping or indeed selling of your old one for newer fridges under £100. If you have a damaged fridge and want to own a new one, you need not sell it for scrap but instead it may be possible to get money back off a few fridge should you trade in your old one with it.

The good thing with these more affordable fridges is that they are not just economical when it comes to purchasing cost but they also offer a greater degree of energy efficiency than what your old appliance may have provided, which helps you save money in the long run. Usually you will find that fridges under £100 also offer warranties making sure that parts and services are guaranteed for a certain period of time, which is always good to give peace of mind. It is also important to check if warranties are still available from the original manufacturers when shopping for old or used fridges.