Under Counter Fridges Offer A Great Alternative

under counter fridges

For people who live in a small flat or studio, finding the perfect size fridge may not be an easy task. As the decor is planned  out for a unit, and the space is allotted for furnishings, there may be little room for anything else. Because available space may be limited in studios and flats, one great alternative to save space would be to consider looking in to under counter fridges as a way to save kitchen space. These energy saving fridge units are usually the perfect solution for these type of rental units. They offer ample size and space for a single person, and they can be a great alternative for any area with limited space.

Often times, a person who lives alone truly has use for only limited refrigeration. For these people too much refrigeration storage space goes wasted, and hidden food can simply go bad. This is where under counter refrigerators can be a bit of a help and you can take a look at our range below.

These cheap under counter larder fridges cost less to buy than a traditional full size fridge, and can save buyers hundreds of pounds in the purchase cost. Additionally, some of the best under counter fridges cost buyers less in their monthly electric bill than traditional fridges do, as the space being cooled is smaller. This is wonderful news for people who are on a particularly tight budget, such as the elderly person, or for young people who are just starting out in their first place and don’t use a lot of stored foods.

In regards to the amount of storage space provided by these units, these lovely under counter refrigerators, can range in the cubic feet they provide. Generally speaking, these mini fridges can range in size between 4.5 and 8 cubic feet of open space. As for shelving, good cheap fridges generally have two to four shelves for storing food. This is usually more than ample space for a single person or an active young couple.¬† These fridges can come in a variety of colours, however, the most predominant colours are black and white. This makes matching almost any decor’ quite easy.

Buying under counter fridges is also great for people who own small vacation units or tiny cottages. Most often when people travel to these spots, they need only food supplies for a few days to a week for their holiday food items. These cheap under counter fridges can also be great for use in an office setting or in a manufacturer employee luncheon area. These units give employees just the right amount of space without giving employees so much space that they leave their excess food behind.

For the active single person, or the older retiree, these under counter units are an excellent choice for refrigeration. They can easily fit fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as milk, eggs, yogurt and cheeses readily. Additionally, these fridges usually have a small freezer built in the top portion. This freezer area is perfect for a small amount of meats and frozen foods to be stored. Most often single people, both young and old, will find these units to be perfect for what they need.

In addition, because these integrated under counter fridges are easy to maintain and keep up, they can be especially helpful for the elderly. The simpleness of the size makes them more manageable and therefore a great alternative to the more traditional refrigerators. Overall, these under counter units are an excellent source for cooling and freezing foods without taking up precious limited space in a smaller rental unit housing.